8 Reasons Why You Should Take Care Of Your Body

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1. Your Body Is Your Lifetime Vehicle

Take a second and imagine your body as something you are separated from. It’s still there, it is yours and you owe it. Imagine it as a vehicle, that needs to be maintained.

Every vehicle needs to be taken care of. It has basic needs, like fuel and oil. The better the fuel the better and smoothly the ride will be. If you don’t take a good care of your vehicle, eventually it will “give you up” and “die” /break down/.

You don’t want your body to “give you up”, do you? I think the answer to this question is pretty obvious…

2. Build The Body You Always Wanted

Every single person, that is conscious, on this earth has a vision of the dream body. Some people want to reduce weight and some people – to gain weight. Everybody has a dream body and just by striving to get yours, you will gain a lot…

So, strive to getting the shape you always wanted to have. I am sure one day you will manage to do it. All you need is dedication, discipline, some knowledge and action.

3. No Pain No Gain

… You will gain a lot, but I am not talking in terms of muscle mass, but in terms of confidence, self-love, self-respect and acceptance. And I am speaking of personal experience here. As a teenager I used to be very shy. I was closed and anxious. Always worried if somebody is making fun of me. That was the time of my growing up period when I started working out. And frankly, whitin months the level of my confidence raised a lot.

It affected the way I was looking at myself and the way I was thinking. And from there the actions I was taking and the things I was doing. It formed me as a new person. My life changed completely by turning into another better direction.

4. Prevents Heart Attacks

You don’t need to be a doctor to know that overweight can lead to serious heart disease. Overweight and obesity are known to increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attacks.

Excess weight also increases your chances of developing other problems, such as: type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, kidney disease, pregnancy problems, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and MUCH MORE…

5. You Get Stonger Immune System

Yep, that is absolutely right. Your Immune system will be harder to be “taken down” by colds, viruses and diseases. Your organism simply becomes too strong for them.

Respect your body and it will pay you off.

6. You Change From The Inside As Well

Maybe you would say that I could have put this one with the increasing confidence part, but I think it is worth it to separate it.

Taking care of your body does not only affect your organism, but your whole life. You simply become a better version of yourself every day. There is a change in your state of mind. It is getting more concerted, joyful and energetic. You create a routine and learn how to organize your tasks better. You become disciplined and discipline is the key to success and self-improvement at all, NOT motivation.

7. Longer Life

You and only you have the power to change your life and thus how long you are going to live, and what type of life you are going to have and it’s quality.

Take care of yourself and you will not only have a better quality of life, but you will also live longer. As I said before, staying fit decreases the chance of getting diseases that will harm your health.

You know what people say: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”…

8. It’s Fun!

The mainstream media had probably delusioned you that losing weight is something very hard; or that you have to be starving all the time; or you have to run, until you collapse; or that it is just a slow, unpleasant process.

It is actually the other way around! Sure, you can put your body to extreme circumstances, but I wouldn’t advise you to. Neither will I advise you to starve. Losing weight by starving is NOT the right way to go! We will talk about that in a depth some another time.

The whole process of improving your body is really enjoyable. Create a routine that will suit you the most. Get a friend, a relative, or your soulmate and start exercising together. Take accountability for each other’s progress. Talk about it. Discuss different ways, meal programs and diets. Keep each other motivated.

Your Body – The Only Vehicle That Matters

There are tens, if not hundreds, of reasons for you to start exercising and working out. Taking care of your body is the most fundamental decision you will probably ever make. It is life changing, because once you start it, you will never be able to stop.

You Have A Mission!

Now I want to address to everyone that has NEVER tried to change his/hers own lifestyle. I also want to turn to everybody who is temporary not working on his/hers body issue. I have a mission for YOU! For the next 14 days I want YOU to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes of exercising, and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and decrease the intake of unhealthy foods. I am not asking you to fully forget about them! I know it would be hard. That’s why all I am asking from you is to take just the first few steps.

You have to make the first step to get going. “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

Take some action. Execute the mission and PLEASE hit me up about how did you feel through this couple of weeks.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Say Hello to me at teodor@project-loseweight.com and let me know what your goals are regarding your looks and physical health.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Teodor M.

Founder of Project – Lose Weight.

6 Responses to “8 Reasons Why You Should Take Care Of Your Body

  • Great post Teo, I have a weight problem all my life. I’m a type II diabetic and had to loose weight just to enter the Navy in 1980. I have become a vegan as a result of my obesity. I have taken off quite a bit of weight as a result of eating better. My biggest problem is working out, We have a gym membership but I just can’t stand to work out.

    I was wondering Teo, would you be willing to be a guest writer on my blog. My blog is about diabetes. You can write about weight loss and exercise. I just need the article to be a min. of 2k characters long. I will need a thumbnail sz picture of you and then I will link my website to you and you to me. It is a great way to build a higher ranking with google and more traffic.

    Your post was most encouraging.

    • Hey, again, Brian. I’d love to be a guest writer at your blog.

      Losing weight by going to the gym is only one of the hundreds ways to do it. Promise yourself that you will try to be as active as possible for the next 30 days, and see how you will feel at the end.

      I will get in touch with you.

  • Hi, great article. We must indeed take care of our bodies and sometimes I feel that we forget some of our habits may seems normal and okay but can cause damage or sickness in the future. I will take on your mission and try my best to do it! Thanks

    • Hey, Sandy. Thanks for the comment!

      Glad to hear that I could help. Get in touch and let me know how the mission went!

      Good luck,

  • Awesome post! I think young people often ignore their health because they think they are energetic and strong. Having a healthy body is a kind of wealth. Without it, we cannot pursue other goals in our life. Our body is our lifetime vehicle.

    • That is absolutely right, Fiona.
      More and more kids are getting over weighted, without realizing how badly this will affect their lives in the future, if they keep it that way. And frankly, it is only the parents to blame…

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