How To Live Healthy – 4 Simple Steps

How healthy are you? Do you feel tired just by taking the stairs and not the elevator; by walking to the grocery store instead of driving to there? Do you feel sleepy in the middle of the day? Do you feel drained out of energy? If the answer to these questions is yes, don’t worry! I am here to help you.

The reason why you are feeling out of energy on a regular basis, instead of being charged with it, is actually pretty simple – you are having a slow and unhealthy lifestyle. But the good news is that you can change that. If you have decided to change your lifestyle to better, then I give you my respect. I am proud of YOU! You took the first step, by accepting and admitting your current situation, instead of deluding yourself.

Are You Motivated Enough? 🙂

Do you know what is great? You don’t have to wait. You can start improving RIGHT NOW. Seriously! Get up and make 20 squats, 20 crunches and as much push-ups as you can. Or simply dumb the soda you are drinking right now and go get a glass of water!

It is NEVER too late, neither too early, to start taking care of yourself and your health. Don’t wait until Monday; or the next month; or the summer, because “people lose weight in the summer”. Like you can’t lose some weight when it’s cold either?! Don’t put it as a goal of your New Year’s resolutions. Make it a Now resolution!

So, no further more, let’s get to the point…

Choose Your Food Right

This is so essential. Make yourself a meal program. We will be talking about meal programs and different types of diets soon enough.

A well-balanced meal program contains all the 5 groups of food from the food pyramid, divided on a given proportion.

  • Grain foods like wholegrain bread, rise, pasta, and etc. contain carbohydrates, fibers and vitamins that are the main source of energy for your organism. You should consume from 7 to 12 portions of grain foods a day. For a single portion you can consider 1 slice of wholegrain bread, for example.
  • Fruits and vegetables as they give you substances, such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, magnesium and iron. Experts recommend an intake of 2 to 4 fruit portions a day, and 3 to 5 vegetable portions, as they contain less sugar from the fruits.
  • Milk products like milk, cheese and yogurt. They contain a rich source of potassium, protein, vitamins, lactose and etc. Some milk products may contain a higher level of fats, but that’s normal. You can still take 2-3 portions of milk products a day or just use their soy or almond substituent.
  • Protein could be found in lean meat products, fish, eggs, beans. These products also contain minerals, fibers, vitamins and iron as well as the protein. Experts recommend up to 4 portions of a daily intake.
  • Fats like sweets, cooking oils, frozen foods, and other fats. Unfortunately the most unhealthy type of food is the most preferable from people due to its taste or quick time of making. You will have to limit this kind of food as much as you can.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

While changing the food that you put on your table with a healthier one is a great thing to do, it is not enough being done alone. Exercising is one of the most fundamental aspect of creating a healthy lifestyle.

You don’t even need a gym membership. You can start working out at your home. You can start running every morning or evening (why not both?). You can start cycling. I’ve never done it, but it sure does seem like fun. You can go swimming at the local swimming pool. You can start playing basketball or football.

There is so much you can do to keep your body active every day. You can check my previous post about why it is so important to take care of your body.

Get Enough Sleep And Rest

Your body needs a rest as much as it needs exercising. It might sound hard to believe, but it is true. On my previous post I described the human body as a vehicle, machine, that needs to be maintained. But every machine needs a rest, otherwise it will overwhelm. Pick one day of the week that you will not exercise. Your body needs a day off too. You can also make this day a “cheat day” as well, if you are following a diet or a meal program. Just be careful not to “over-cheat”.

Get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep a day. It is essential for your rest and muscle recovery. Your organism and your muscles need to recover after they have been loaded during your exercises and daily routine. Plus sleeping refreshes your brain and your mind. You become more focused and your productivity increases.

I get it, life might be difficult sometimes and you may be busy. Or the dynamic of your daily routine is really loaded and you can’t afford 8 straight hours of sleep every day. But try to get as much of sleep as you can. A good thing you can do is to divide it in two part

s. You can get 5-6 hours of sleep at nighttime and 2-3 more at another during the day.

Drink More Water

Do you remember when I asked you to stop drinking soda /a sugar added beverage/ and take a glass of water instead? I did it with a reason.

It is shocking how big is the percent of people who don’t drink much water. Did you know that 70% of your body is made up of water? Water is essential for EVERY LIVING CREATURE on this planet. Without it we wouldn’t be alive. It is our main fuel, among with oxygen and food.

So, why do so many people limit the daily intake of water, instead of increasing it? It doesn’t taste bad for sure, simply because it doesn’t have a taste. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t taste good either. By the same reason. I don’t really know why it is like like it is, but I do know that water is very important for your health. And in order for your organism to function right, you need to drink as much of it as you can. Water is needed to carry out body functions, remove waste, and carry nutrients, oxygen and substitutions around the body. It will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Water also will keep your skin hydrated and you will look younger.

Experts recommend drinking at least half a gallon /2 liters/ of water a day. Ideally you will drink a full gallon a day /4 liters/.

Make it a habit for yourself. Drink a glass of water, even if you are not thirsty, whenever you remember of it

Your Health Is Your Wealth

I covered the four fundamental and most important parts of your everyday life, that you need to look at, in order to become healthier – consume better food; exercise regularly; take a rest and don’t underestimate the power of a good sleep; drink more water. Of course there are many more things that are worth to look at and discus, such as: don’t smoke and drink alcohol; reduce the level of your stress; meditate to keep your mind healthy /healthy mind – healthy body/; read on a daily basis; and etc.

I hope you have found this article valuable. And if you have, please share it with friends and family! It will mean the world to me!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Teodor M.

Founder of Project – Lose Weight.

4 Responses to “How To Live Healthy – 4 Simple Steps

  • Great post! 👍 I like it.

  • Hi, I’ve found that I haven’t had a cold or been sick for over 3 years now. The main change I made was following a ketogenic diet. I quit sugar and starting taking a probiotic every day and I’m sure this has helped me in being healthier. I’ve also increased my meats, fish and eggs and veggies. Before I made these changes, I was noticing weight gain, feeling unfit and was moody. I also now do regular exercise which boosts happy hormones and I feel fantastic after I’ve finished my taekwondo class. It really does improve how you feel. I love my sleep too, so all of what you have mentioned here all definitely make a difference. Thanks for raising awareness around being healthy and making positive choices.

    • Great story, Kat, and thank you for sharing it with us.

      It is always great to hear a “I made it” story. It shows people what is possible.

      Thank you for stopping by,

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