How To Lose Weight – For Beginners

Work On Your Mindset

The key to success is 70% right mindset and beliefs; 20% intelligence and constant learning; 5% of putting what you have learnt into real life and taking action; and 5% luck.

So, let’s take a closer look at the 3 simple steps you should take, in order to shift your mindset:

1. Accept the reality as it is

Do not deny it. Just accept your condition. The first step of dealing with a problem is to accept that there is a problem to be dealt with in a first place. Be proud of yourself for who you are and for how you look. The will to lose weight shouldn’t come from a point of hate. A hate towards your own self and your own body. Neither it should come from a point of envying other people. Don’t be envious for what others have, but be grateful for what you already have. It’s time for you to stop comparing with other people. The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.

2. Take responsibility and accountability

Understand that it is nobody’s fault, but yours, to be in the situation you are in right now. Also understand that YOU are the only one that can TRULY help yourself. Not me, not your family or friends, nor a personal coach. Sure you can ask your friends for advises, hire a coach and visit Project Lose Weight on a daily basis /and you sure SHOULD! :P/, but at the end you will be the one putting the work in and taking action. It will be your own decision to hire a coach, ask for help and look at the forums.

3. Believe in yourself

This is so key! And not only for losing weight, but for every aspect in your life. Before you set up a goal for yourself, first you should truly know that you are 100% capable of achieving it. Even if you are not, you should think that you are. Otherwise, you will probably fail. You not believing in yourself means that you don’t really think you can do it. And if you don’t think you can do it, your subconscious will always find a reason for you to fail.

You should understand that you are NOT your subconscious. And that there is a part in you that doesn’t want you to improve and develop, even though you may think there is not. Eckhart Tolle covers the whole picture of how your own subconscious is limiting you, and why, in his life-changing book The Power Of Now.

“…for unless you learn to recognize the false as false – as not you – there can be no lasting transformation, and you would always end up being drawn back into illusion and into some sort of pain Tolle E., The Power Of Now.

I am shocked by the amount of people asking a question that I never thought it even existed before. “Can I lose weight?” Why couldn’t you? So many people have limiting beliefs, and these beliefs are the reason they are being stuck in whatever situation they are. Tony Robbins talks about the limiting beliefs in a deeper level in his book Awaken The Giant Within.

Do you watch TV series? I am a huge fan. Have you ever watched Lost? There is the character of John Locke that I find very inspiring. He keeps telling people “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”, even after he had his back broken by his father causing him to be permanently paralyzed.

* Hit me up with an email at and let me know how you are doing? What are your favorite TV series? Let’s become F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 🙂 *

Imagine yourself as where and how you want to be. See it in your head. Draw a clear picture. Make it a goal. And then strive to achieve it.

You just have to have some faith!

I believe in YOU and do you?

Cut The Calories Down

The formula is simple: consumed calories < burned calories –> losing weight; consumed calories > burned calories –> gaining weight; consumed calories = calories burned –> sustainable weight.

I talked about the 5 types of food in my previous post and the importance of having them in your program in order to be healthy. Grain foods, fruits and vegetables, milk products, meat and fish, fats. You should know that the removal of any one of them from your regular meals could have bad consequences for your organism.

Consume fewer calories

If you want to lose weight, you will most likely have to lower the carbohydrates. Don’t fully eliminate them, as they are the human’s main source of energy /calories=energy/. Cut them down, but don’t stop consuming them completely. Unless you are using a keto diet. A keto diet is a very, very, low-carb diet, where the body turns fat into ketones for a main source of energy. We will be talking about keto diets later.

Eat at regular times or make yourself an eating routine

If your body gets used to getting food at the same time every day, it will be easier for it to process the food. Your metabolism will not be slowed down and therefore it will be burning more calories.

Drink more water

Drink more water on a daily basis. It will keep you hydrated; clean your organism by removing the toxins and the waste; help the blood flow, so your blood pressure would be better; and so on…

Drinking a full glass of water 15-20 minutes prior having a meal will keep your stomach filled up and you would not feel as much of a hunger. Therefore, you will be eating a little bit less.

Use a smaller plate

It’s proven that if you fill up a small plate, and put the same amount of food on a bigger one, your brain will automatically think that there is less food on the bigger plate, simply because it LOOKS emptier.

So, the next time grab a smaller plate. It’s a human’s habit to fill the plates up when serving the food. And if you fill a bigger one up, you would be eating more, without acknowledging it.

Eat slower

How often do you feel that you over-ate? Do you know how does it happen? It happens when you are hungry and you are eating fast. You have already consumed a decent amount of food but you keep eating and eating. Because your body needs time to process the food. And by the time it is done, you ate it all and it’s already too late – you over-ate.

I am sure this also have happened to you as well – you are finished with your meal and you get up to get some more, and by the time you are back on the table, you are no longer hungry. Once again – your body needs time to process the food.

Eat slower and don’t fill your whole mouth with food. Eat at small pieces. That way you will be eating even slower. And by the time you feel your hunger satisfied, you wouldn’t have even finished your whole meal.

Eat more often

Yeah, you read it right. You already know that you have to consume less food, but this does NOT mean you have to skip meals. Not at all. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Add meals to your daily routine. For example: if you have breakfast at 9 am., eat an apple also at 10:30. Don’t wait for lunchtime to get your next meal. If you have your lunch at 2 pm., eat a green salad a couple of hours earlier and a fruit salad a couple of hours later – like an after lunch breakfast.

Start Working Out

Limiting the amount of calories you consume, and chaniging the type of food you put on your table, is a HUGE step and you should be proud of yourslef for doing it. That is the hardest part – to give up the temping food that harms your health and your looks.

But doing it alone is not enough. You need to start exercising, working out, or any kind of activity, to burn the extra energy /calories/ you consume. The best thing you can do is to go to the gym and start working out. I will be giving you specific workout programs soon.

Swimming is also great and is one of the activities I love the most. Combined with cardio workouts it can almost double the calories you burn for a single day. Yet be careful not to overload your body! Giving your body a rest and a time for your muscles to recover after being loaded is in as much importance as is the working out itself. Do not forget that. One of the mistakes I was doing as a beginner was to train as much as I could, and as heavily as I could. An hour and a half of cardio before the actual workout, and an hour and a half after I was done with it. You don’t need to spend that much time in the gym to be honest. 30 minutes a day of intense cardio workout should be fine, if it’s done correctly.

Running is maybe the most practiced activities in the world from people trying to take off some pounds or stay fit. Some people, like me, do it almost every day. I personally like to do it after work, because it reduces the stress and clears the mind, as well as being healthy and keeps me in a good shape. It could replace any cardio workout machine from the gym without a problem. I even prefer running outdoors than on an elliptical machine, so I can breath the clear air, plus it feels more natural.

Put your earphones and play some relaxing music, or a motivating one, if you prefer, and go for a 30-minute run. A thing that I like to do is to play a podcast or an audio book, so I can learn something new while exercising. Double win.

Cycling to work or walking, if your prefer. I don’t know how far from your home is your workplace, but if it is within 10 to 15 minutes away by foot, why don’t you take a couple of additional walks going there and coming back? Any extra activity is welcomed.

If your workplace is kind of too far away, take a bike. It is a common activity for keeping your body healthy. You can see people doing it every day. You can even see families doing it. It is fun and you would love it, I can assure you that. It will save you time from walking or waiting at the bus/subway stations. If you are usually using a car to get to work, and take a bake instead, it will also save you some money for gas. Plus you will not be worrying for parking spots.

Push-ups are not just an exercise that you can do for a chest workout. You should be doing them every once in a while in your everyday routine. The less time you spend passively, the more calories you burn. Experts recommend doing 8-10 push-ups a few times a day. It is one of the best ways to burn energy while building a good physics at the same time as well. You can even make them in the office. I know from experience that sitting on a chair for hours, could have really unsatisfied consequences to your regime.

Take Food Supplements

First of all, we need to break the myth. Food supplements are not as scary, as some unfamiliar people make them look like. They are neither bad for your body and common health, if used correctly. And this is known from everybody in the fitness world. Food supplements will help you out to achieve your goals easier in a more efficient way.

Do not mistake them for steroids, or amino-acids, or any products of this type, that will actually do harm you in the future, and I would never advise you to start using them.

The main role of food supplements is to give you nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, protein or other substances in the form of liquid, capsules, pills and powder. But your organism only needs a specific amount of each nutrient in order to function well. Depending on the supplement, higher amounts could be harmful. This is why there are recommended amounts of daily doses for each supplement.


So, my friend, let’s sum the information you got so far. Losing weight is a long process and it starts by accepting your current condition as it is. Then deciding to change and believing you can do it. Because you CAN and I know it! Then you have to change the type and the amount of food that you consume, combined with the way you are eating. Eat slowly on small portions. Don’t skip a meal and don’t stay hungry. Drink a lot of water. Start working out and exercising. Any additional activity is helpful. Keep your organism active during slow everyday tasks by doing a few push-ups every then and now. Consider taking food supplements for maximum effect.

Apply what you have read so far in your life. Stay dedicated and keep taking action. And it will take a blink of an eye before you start seeing a result.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email at and let me know how you are doing.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and see you soon!

Teodor M.

Founder of Project – Lose Weight.



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  • Michaela
    6 months ago

    Great tips! Now I just need to put them in work lol

    • Hello, Michaela. “Just do it!” 🙂

      If you are dedicated enough, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!

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