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A Short Introduction To The Term “Diet”

Before we can get to talk about the low-carb diets we need to take a look at a few questions first:

What a diet IS NOT?

While there are many diets that may restrict you from eating some foods, or another ones that may lower the intake of carbohydrates, for example, a diet is NOT a long-lasting starvation. So many people assume that if they start dieting, they will need to stay hungry all the time. And so they never start dieting. Because people don’t like being hungry.

Another thing that a diet is NOT, is the food restriction just by itself. For example, if you only cut down the carbohydrates intake, you are not on a diet… You are just consuming less carbohydrates. Which is great if your goal is a weight regulation by the way.

What a diet IS? 

In the true meaning of the word a diet is the whole sum of the food you consume on a daily basis. That simple.

The term “diet” as we know it is a little bit more complicated. It means a plan for consumption of specific foods, and most of all a specific amount of nutrients at a given time.

What a diet is determined from?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, diets out there, and they are all defined by the end goal. Some people want to lose weight, while some wish to gain muscle mass. Some people are willing to lower their insulin level. Another have heart problems and they want to fix their cholesterol. Or simply they just want to be healthier.

Be aware!

There are many “diets” that may affect your organism in a bad way by lowering the needed nutrients you would have consumed, if it wasn’t the specific “diet”. A complete and healthy food regime should include all the 5 types of foods in your everyday meals. Press here to learn more about them and their importance.

Always consult with a doctor, diet expert, or another specialist of this kind, before starting a specific diet!

Defining The Low-carb Diets

Low on carbohydrates diets or also known as low-carb diets are meal regimes that lowers the intake of carbohydrates drastically, making the fats the main source of energy.

The illusion we used to believe in

It used to be a common belief that fats /trans fats and the natural fats as well/ could cause unwanted weight gain, or cholesterol increasement, but as always this is a little bit more complicated and not entirely true. Nowadays scientists say that there is no need to avoid the natural fats, as they are even healthier than most of the foods in the markets.

You don’t have to be afraid of the natural fats. To have a good cholesterol you don’t need to cut them off, but the opposite. Cut off the sugars, and consume more natural fats. That way you will not only have a low cholesterol profile, but a GOOD and HEALTHY one as well. Plus this is one of the ways you can eat delicious foods until you feel satisfied and still lose weight.

Foods That You SHOULD Consume: 

  • Meats

Mostly lean meat products, such as: white chicken meat (take off the skin each time you have it); beef; lamb; pork. Great source of protein that will feed you up and make you feel satisfied for the next few hours.

  • Fish 

The fish is just too healthy to not have it regularly in your meals. Experts say that for a better health you have to eat fish AT LEAST once in a week. I would say try to have it no less than 3 times per week.

  • Eggs

Pure source of protein. Remove the yolk to eliminate the few extra carbohydrates that an egg contains.

  • Natural fats

Butter; healthy oils, like: coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, and etc. If you do everything else correctly, you can eat as much natural fats as you want, and still lose weight.

  • Vegetables

But take mostly those vegetables that grow above the ground. Underground-growing vegetables, like potatoes for example, are high on carbohydrates. You can eat cucumbers (they are basically made of water – 80% of water); spinach (it gives a very good portion of iron among with the vitamins and the minerals); carrots; broccoli (I know you probably don’t like the taste, but they are rich on healthy nutrients and not so high in carbs); and many others.

  • Seeds and nuts

One of the foods that contain the most fibers. You can eat almonds as they contain a lot of healthy substances; pecans; walnuts; cashews; pistachios and others; chia seeds and others.

  • Some sorts of fruits

Fruits are healthy but some of them are high in sugars, and if your end goal is to lose weight through cutting down the carbohydrates, it wouldn’t be a good idea to consume this type of fruits.

You can always eat apples. They are low in calories and due to their substances, they are really healthful. They contain a lot of fibers and vitamins. You probably know the saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You can also eat grapes, berries, passion fruit, kiwi, watermelon, etc.

Foods That You SHOULDN’T Consume:

  • Sugars and sweets

Sugar added foods shouldn’t even be thought to be consumed. Most of them will not only fill you up with carbohydrates, but are also very unhealthy. Forget about getting chocolate, ice cream, candies, pastries, and etc. This type of food is highly processed in the factories before getting to the shelves in the supermarkets. If it doesn’t look natural, ignore it.

You don’t need to be a diet specialist to know that processed foods are very unhealthy and high on carbohydrates. What you probably don’t know is the fact that the natural sweeteners, like honey, maple syrup and others, may contain as much of carbs as the white sugar itself, or EVEN MORE…

Yes, honey is healthy for you, just like some others natural products. But if you are going to follow a low-carb diet, you might want to limit it down. One spoon of honey contains 17 grams of carbs. And a spoon of maple syrup has 12 grams of carbs. I guess you are not going to put maple syrup on your pancakes anymore, are you… Wait, are you eating PANCAKES?!?! They are made with flour. And the flour delivers a lot of carbohydrates.

You should also reconsider taking juice the next time you go to the grocery store. Although it might be healthy due to its substances and nutrients, some juices’ carb level might be higher even than the one of the soft drinks. And that’s a bad thing. Try to limit the juice intake down and fully stop consuming sodas.

But why a glass of juice is a bad idea? Simply because most of the juices are made of high in carbohydrates fruits, and have a good amount of sugars and other unnatural sweeteners in them.

The high in carbs sorts of fruits like bananas, mangoes, pears, and others are also not included in the menu. A single banana may contain in itself about 25-30 grams of carbohydrates.

  • Starchy foods

The bread is one of the starchy foods that you would like to limit down as much as possible. It is super high in carbohydrates which automatically makes it a bad choice when you are on a low-carb diet. One slice of a normal white bread has 15 grams of carbs. The bread on a usual burger size contains about 20-25 grams of carbs.

The pasta is even higher in carbs than the breads. One portion of spaghetti or macaroni will add to your whole weight 40 grams of carbs. Avoid getting pasta when following this diet.

Starchy vegetables, or, like we said before – underground-growing vegetables. Even thou they are great to eat because of the fibers they contain, when following a low-carb diet, you would like to reconsider having them in your meals that often. They have a lot of carbs in them. For example: ONE single medium size potato contains like 35 grams of carbs…

  • Milk

It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, fibers and some protein. You probably enjoy having it every day. And I am sorry to bring it up to you, but the milk delivers a great portion of carbohydrates. A full glass of whole milk contains about 17 grams of carbs.

If you are a huge milk fan /like myself/, you might like to check its replacements, such as soy milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. If you never tried them, I can assure you that they taste surprisingly good.

If you are worried about the milk you usually add to your coffee, don’t be. You still can add a normal creamer or a half-and-half. You can even put a spoon of whole milk.

A Few Tips

  • Drink A LOT of water every day. It cleans the organism and speeds up the metabolism. It also helps the body to process the consumed food. The water keeps you hydrated, which helps the skin. Drinking a full glass of water 20 minutes prior a meal will make you feel a little bit more filled up when eating, and thus you will eat less.
  • Drink coffee without worrying. The caffeine helps you burn more calories. One or two cups of coffee per day should be fine. Just don’t go too much with it.
  • Enjoy one or two cups of green tea through your day as well. The Catechin is a specific substance that can be found in the green tea. It helps the calorie-burning process.
  • Consume more sugar free foods and beverages.
  • Eat a snack when hungry. And I don’t mean chips or doritos. Eat vegetables or a fruit; meat or eggs; fish with cheese; etc.

Let’s Sum This Up

The low-carb diets are specific meal regimes, based on the idea of making the fats the main source of energy, and restricting and limiting down the intake of carbohydrates.

This type of diets work simply by avoiding foods, such as: highly processed in the factories foods; sugar and sweeteners; starchy foods and vegetables; nonfat dairy and etc. And instead it focuses on eating more natural fats; meats; fish; eggs; seeds and etc.

The low-carbohydrate diet is proven to be effective. There is a reason for it to be one of the most popular diets in the world. It is totally up to YOU to decide if you want to start one, or not…

Be aware… And if you decide to start one, consult with a doctor first, and get to a diet expert to create a special regime designed just for you. Every organism is different and unique. What works for ones may never work for others.

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6 Responses to “Low-carb Diet | Lose Weight Fast

  • Great post Teo, anyone looking to lose weight and change their eating habits should read this.

    I changed my eating habits last year to include most of the foods you mentioned and lost 56lbs. Keeping it off has always been the hard part.

    Not this time because I took losing the weight of gradually over 12 months and I got into the habit of eating healthily. I have not regained the weight I lost, it is over 7 months now. if I do put a little bit back say on holiday, I now know how to get it back off.

    Eating healthily is a choice everyone can make, some do some don’t.

    Thanks for the post,

    • That’s a great personal story, Frank. Thanks for sharing it with us.

      I am sure people will take a look at it and feel motivated.

      Wish you all the best,

  • This is very informative. I am actually on a low carb diet right now and reading your information on fat intake was very reassuring. I can’t thank you enough for this article.

    • Hello, Donna.

      Glad to hear that I could provide you with a little portion of a valuable information.

      Keep up dieting. If you respect your body, it will return you the favor.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • I like your explanation of the word diet. Many people who diet sometimes go the extreme and start starving themselves, hoping they will lose weight.

    But unfortunately, the body then goes into starvation mode, meaning they will not lose weight. Instead, their body will hold onto every bit of weight they have. This puts them into a tailspin of further limiting what they eat

    Low carb diets aren’t all they are meant to be. They are really hard on the liver and kidneys. People do them because they think hat’s the way to lose weight.

    It’s great that you have listed the foods that a person should consume. This makes it easier to buy the foods we need.

    • Yes, Jagi, I absolutely agree with you.

      Low-carb diets might cause more harm than good. That’s why it is a MUST DO to consult with a specialist first, instead of picking the first diet you find in the internet.

      Thanks for the comment and see you soon,


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